August 5, 2009

Had a great show in Trondheim last night. Really a beautiful town where we played just outside the historic church in the city center. Today is a well deserved day off and the weather happens to be cooperating for once. . . especially since last time we were in Trondheim it was blowing hail in 3 directions. Gotta love this Norwegian summer!



August 1, 2009

Jet Lag Anyone? Here we are making it look all too easy on the top of the world. Two shows past already on this quick quick tour of Norway with the one and only Jonas Fjeld. Skoål!


Svalbard No No

July 22, 2009

How-Do? This Saturday we're playing a Historic Oakwood Neighborhood Party / Fundraiser here in Raleigh. Sponsored by the Beehive Collective (which is a social do-good society and NOT the restaurant downtown), there will be 4 bands and a hat will be passed for donations to the cause. We hit the stage at 4pm. Somewhere on Elm St. . . fedoras and red & green striped sweaters optional. See you there.



photo by Mike Bub

July 12, 2009

Wellllllll. It's Sunday here in beautiful Winnipeg and we have to say the last few days have been a blur. We hit the ground running and played a workshop with the Punch Brothers and Del McCoury. Del's guitar didn't show up so Dave lent him Beulah for a couple of tunes. . . will he ever again change his strings? Since then we've done a few more workshops and played the mainstage last night for a stellar crowd. Tonight we close down the festival with a big party for all the hardworking staff and volunteers. See you soon!



photo by Daniel Coston

July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day everybody! In celebration of America's freedom from tyranny we're headed to Canada this weekend. We're really excited about the Winnipeg Folk Fest and it looks like we'll be pretty busy up there. John might even bring 3 suits. . .

Thanks to everyone who supported our last run and we'll be back from the border jump before you know it!


live record

June 23, 2009

Back on the road this week: Thursday night in Kingsport, Friday in Charlotte, and Saturday afternoon (4:30 set time) in Wilmington. You Charlotteans be sure and get there by 8 to see the marvelous Shannon Whitworth.

Just a reminder to everyone that we will have copies of Live In Caroline for sale at our gigs this weekend. We ran out there for a few, but they are back in stock.



June 11, 2009

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows this weekend. Virginia was a home away from home and Band Together raised almost $125,000 for the cause.

Now we're off for a few and working up some new material, but before you know it. . . Kingsport-Charlotte-Wilmington here we come!



photo by Michael Graham

June 3, 2009

Greetings this fine hump-day webworld. We're getting ready for a couple of shows this weekend. Saturday finds us at the Band Together benefit outside the Lincoln Theatre @ 6pm sharp, then Sunday we head to Radford, VA for Sunken Garden Sundays. See you there!



Photo by Charles Blount

May 17, 2009

Chatham County Line "Kid Friendly Since 2000"

Thanks to everyone who braved the threat of rain this weekend for our free show at the Sertoma Amphitheater. The rain stayed off and the sun was sure shining. We hope to see you all down the road. Update: Show Review here.


blind willie fest

photo by Gene Driskell

May 12, 2009

That was a quick 30 some hours door to door. Thanks to the packed house in Asheville where we never thought they'd let us leave the stage. Also thanks to Don and everybody in Thomson for finally having us down to the Blind Willie McTell Festival.

For our local fans, don't forget the free Pinecone show this Saturday in Bond Park in Cary. Show is at 3pm, no foolin'!



May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everybody! The boys are pretty excited to get back to work this weekend. We'll be in Asheville, NC at the Grey Eagle Friday night and on to The Blind Willie McTell Festival in Thomson, GA Saturday afternoon. We hate to miss Buddy Miller at this show but wish him a speedy recovery and best wishes from the band. I'm sure if we had to play guitar with all those pretty girls, we'd need to see a doctor too.



April 14, 2009

Out! Ladies and Gentlemen we have some good news here that Brother of Song is available in the US. Due to the magic of the interweb you can download it from either iTunes or Amazon. That is all we have for now, we'll let you know if we can get hard copies at some point. If you're having some trouble deciding whether or not to spend the $9.99, have a look at this convincing commercial.



April 13, 2009

Boring! Well we're all rested up and realizing how boring it is to be back home. Not that we're complaining but jeez. . . Well at least next Tuesday the 21st you can catch Dave Wilson opening for Raul Malo at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro and then Friday the 24th you can rock to The Jackets headlining The Pour House Music Hall here in Raleigh. CCL will be back in action next month with shows in Asheville and elsewheres. Cheers!



April 5, 2009

Feels real good to be home folks. It was a hell of a time in Norway and we'd like to share a few things we learned on this lengthy tour:

1. No matter what the ticket says, you ain't home till the key is in the door. 2. You can wear the same pair of jeans for three weeks straight. 3. If a fish is buried in the ground for four months, dug up and put on a plate, don't eat it. 4. Pay someone to cut your lawn while you're away. 5. Phone calls can be expensive. 6. Occasionally call your parents and let them know you're alive. 7. Sometimes a gas station hotdog can make you feel really good. 8. Facebook is addictive. 9. Two suits is a good idea. 10. Watch what you put in your suitcase. 11. You can never take too many pictures. 12. America is pretty sweet.



March 27, 2009

Packed house in Oslo last night, thanks to everyone who made it out to the Konserthus! NRK recorded the concert and it will be broadcast in Norway after Easter. The recording will also be archived online so we will let you know.

Special thanks to the folks at Hatch Show Print for making a great poster for this tour. We're almost sold out and people can't get enough. Hard to believe that there are just six towns on the poster left to see. Cheers!



March 20, 2009

Ok, so we haven't reported anything lately. Sorry folks, but here goes: we drive in a van, we stare at amazing scenery, we fall asleep, we wake up, we soundcheck, we eat something weird, we play some songs, we drink a beer, we sleep in a hotel, rinse and repeat. Had a great day off in Trondheim, and finally found out how expensive harmonicas are in Norway. Our Grosvold performance is now online, check it out!



March 12, 2009

It has been a whirlwind few days here. We're in Bodø at the moment having flown this morning from Stavanger/Sandnes and we'll fly to Narvik tomorrow. There are a few pictures from our Ål show last week that you can find here. Let's keep in touch.



March 9, 2009

Top of the world ma! We played a show at 78 degrees north latitude. 130 miles from the North Pole. Santa was there and he bought all of our CDs. The show was held in the town of Longyearbyen which is a mining settlement formed in 19?? by an American named ?? Longyear. It was truly an honor and another example of the lengths we will go to to play a show. Cheers!



March 8, 2009

Gjøvik! We finally got back on the ice in Gjøvik. For those of you who don't remember, the hockey rink was carved out of the inside of a mountain for the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics. The show was held right outside the rink in the assembly hall. Check!



March 6, 2009

Ok, so we've played God Morgen Norge before, four times to be exact. Every time, food is cooked and we don't get any. So we figured the best way to get some was to cook it ourselves. Click on the picture to see Dave and John demonstrate and describe Eastern North Carolina BBQ to the Norsk population. Ha det!


ps. We also played a couple of tunes. Link!


March 3, 2009:

Ok, Ok. . .we've gotten your emails about the new record. It will be released in The States on iTunes in a couple of weeks. Please be patient because it is a red tape nightmare getting this done. Until then you can have a listen to a couple of songs using the player to the right here. . .just press Play. The response so far here in Norway has been incredible. So much so that Dave and John will demonstrate making Eastern North Carolina BBQ Sauce on National TV this Thursday. God Morgen Norge here we come!



February 28, 2009:

Takk to NRK! We performed the song Paying Back on Grosvold last night for NRK TV. Things went well and we think Jonas gave a good interview but we don't speak Norwegian. . .yet. The official tour starts tomorrow and we are ready! Here is a link to the program, we appear at the very end.



February 27, 2009:

Gold! Well the record has gone Gold already here in Norway. The TV ads start monday and we are playing Grosvold tonight which is a late night style show along the lines of a Dave Letterman Show. Whew, this is an exciting place to be at the moment. Why don't you pack up the family and head on over?



February 26, 2009:

The reviews are in. We've hit the ground running with a full day of radio and TV. It seems like everybody in Norway is excited about this album. The reviews have all been great. Here are a few links:

ABC Nyheter. Drammens Tidenede. VG. VG Video. More to Come...


Brothers of Song

February 23, 2009:

The record is out! We're getting ready to fly out tomorrow and start the madness. Stay tuned for updates from our new home in Drammen, Norway.



February 16, 2009:

Wellllll. Thanks for the big fun last Thursday with Jonas Fjeld at the Berkeley! We apologize if you couldn't get in but we wanted to keep things comfortable in there. The show is archived at music.mync.com if you want to check it out. We'll be flying over to Norway late this month and staying until April so if you need to tell John you love him, do it sooner than later.

Keep your eyes on our website for pictures/tales/updates as we freeze our frets off over there for 6 weeks. Cheers.










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