December 2007

Thanks to everybody that came out to our 5th annual Christmas bash at the Pourhouse in Raleigh!  We had a blast and would like to thank Jay Brown and Ray Duffey for holding down the rhythm for the electric set.  We're gonna take a break until "IV" comes out in March, so we'll see everybody at the release shows.  Thanks for a great year!



Thanks to The Independent Weekly for featuring us on the cover with the Carolina Chocolate Drops.  Rick Cornell has a great feature inside on the continuing traditions of Carolina-based acoustic music.


November 2007:

We had another amazing tour of Norway with Jonas Fjeld.  Thanks so much to our fans for coming out and supporting Amerikabesøk.  We'll be working with Jonas in 2008 on a follow-up record and doing a few shows with him here and there.  We'll also be playing Bergenfest, Drammen, and Oslo in April/May so keep your eyes on the calendar for those and we'll see you there!


October 2007:

Carol Caffin has a good interview here with Jonas Fjeld that explains some things.

We had a great time at the IBMA awards.  Thanks to the folks at Hatch Show Print for letting us do a special one-time-only performance in the shop.  It was truly something to remember.  And if you have one of the limited edition posters, hold on to it!


September 2007:

It was a whirlwind tour of the West Coast and Mid-West but we still had some time to go sightseeing.  Thanks to the folks at the Mint in LA as well as everybody at the Pickin' in the Pines Festival in Flagstaff, AZ.  We can't wait to get back there!


August 2007:

Wow, back to Holland and Belgium for some great times!  Thanks to all of our fans in that part of the world.  Ya'll have some of the best sights, festivals, and etc in the the world.  We will be back in 2008 so keep your eyes on the calendar.


Thanks to the Pick-a-thon for having us out to Portland for such a party!  We stayed around and just had to catch Dale Watson.  He is one of the biggest legends there is in real country music these days.  Also thanks to everyone at the Tractor in Seattle for coming out and making us feel the love on our first night on the West Coast.


July 2007:

We just got back from what has to be one of the most amazing studios in the world.  Thanks to everyone at Echo Mountain for making us feel so welcome in their home.  We recorded 19 songs in 5 days and I don't think anything else could have happened.  Cheers to Chris Stamey for staying on top of the board and for making the Ozzy 2 inch 8 track happen!


June 2007:

Whew!  Back from 5 days in Norway where we played Good Morning Norway, the Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo, toured the Aass beer factory, and taped a live show for a DVD release.  The sun went down for 3 hours a day when we were there, truly a crazy time.  Thanks again Jonas Fjeld!

May 2007:

Thanks to the folks at Bluegrass Unlimited for featuring us in their May issue.


March 2007:

Well we were in Norway for 2 weeks before the news hit that Amerikabesøk had reached gold status.  Thank you Norway!


photo by Daniel Coston

January 2007:

Thanks to everyone who came out and made our DVD taping such a success. 












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