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December 19, 2010

What a time, what a time. This was truly a special four days in the life of CCL. Hopefully we can put together some more of these shows for next year. . . we'll let you know. Thanks to all of our fans for coming out and making these nights such a memorable experience. Whatever and however you celebrate, you have our regards. Cheers!



December 16, 2010

Wow. Sold-out last night in Raleigh. Great Times, old friends, new friends, old songs, new songs. . .not much more to say. We can't wait for the next few days. Hate to kill the mystery but it apeears that it is all on the internet. See you there!


December 13, 2010

Well if this cold is any indication, the Holiday time is upon us. Check out this great poster our friend Marc Harkness put together for the Holiday Tour. See you soon.


December 9, 2010

How-de. We're getting excited about a few days on the road with some old friends. Just wanted you to know that the shows will start at 9pm sharp every night. We've nailed down Johnny Irion for a short solo set, to be followed by a full traditional CCL set, and then everbody is on stage for some fun. Plan on going to work late or not at all the following day. Oh yes, we've added our holiday classic, O! Santa to the music player on the right side of your screen. Enjoy!


-Click here for an interview with Dave about the Tour

December 1, 2010

Haven't heard from us in a while so here we are. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody and we're stuffed. We're busy putting together the Electric Christmas Tour but wanted to let you know that Beulah has been repaired by our faithful luthier. Also, tickets are disappearing for the December run, so get your'n while you can.


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November 13, 2010

Great evenings the last two. Virginia, no one could warn us that you'd be such an amazing crowd. Thanks to two packed houses in Vienna and Roanoke. The Washington Post's Click Track has a kind review of Thursday's show. We'll be back soon. Thanks for all of the great guitar offers, but Beulah held up for Roanoke just fine. You guitar players be sure to remember to stay hydrated this winter. . . . .

For you West-Coasters, Dave will be hoisting his electric guitar this week with the one and only Tift Merritt. Check out the tour here. See you soon.


November 10, 2010

Rock and Roll. Last weekend was a blast, thanks to all of our Durham fans for making Motorco almost uncomfortably packed. Troika is a great time. We're up I-95 tomorrow for a return engagement at Jammin' Java in the DC area and then it's back down I-81 to Roanoke for a show at the historic Sanctuary. See you there.


November 2, 2010

Well Howdy. Feeling a little Rip Van Winkle here. Just wanted to let you know that the 2010 Chatham County Line Electric Christmas Tour dates have been announced! Check our Tour page for details. We're out of the cobwebs and will be back on the road this week in Charlottesville on Thursday and Durham on Saturday for Troika! See you there.


October 10, 2010

Shakori Hills was Awesome! Hopefully this campfire smell will someday come out of our suits? Thanks to everyone for scrunching up close and watching us mete out punishment to wayward beetles. We're off for a little while, but that just means we will return well rested and in top form. Meanwhile, be sure to support North Carolina and her many ribbon-worthy goods out at the State Fair. Take it easy on the deep-fried-chocolate-covered-chocolate and we'll see you soon. Cheers!


October 4, 2010

No rest for the weary. . . we had a great time for our 3rd appearance at the 3 Sisters Festival in Chattanooga this past weekend. Special thanks to the 3 Sisters and a niece for breaking the 2 year rule on our behalf. Your next chance to catch the band will be this coming weekend at the Shakori Hills Festival in Silk Hope, NC. See you there!


Photo by Richard Dwyer

September 28, 2010

Ahhhh home. That was a quick trip ladies and gentlemen. We'd like to thank all of the fans, new and old, for coming out. This tour was a great reminder of how many friends & fans we have overseas. We promise to return as soon as we can to prove how much you mean to us. We had a great final two nights in Dublin and Leeds and hit the airport just in time to fly home.

Don't forget that you can hear the band today on World Cafe with David Dye, courtesy of NPR. Listen Here from 2-4pm.


September 25, 2010

Sold out! Sold out shows the last two nights in Belfast & Kilkenny. We're having a great time and trying not to drown in Guinness. Dublin is tonight and then it's just one more show and home. Can't believe it. Cheers!

This just in, check out this feature on the band courtesy of AOL's The Boot.


September 23, 2010

Ireland! We're on the ferry to Ireland and will soon be ready for a properly dark and foamy pint. Tour is going great so far. We had a stellar time in London and the place was packed. Our fifth show in Newcastle last night offered the same rewards, although a bit hotter. Thanks to all of the promoters and fans who've made such a pleasant trip for us so far. We're in Belfast tonight with finally a return to Kilkenny tomorrow. Cheers!


September 21, 2010

It goes without saying that Amsterdam was a blast. We played, the crowd smiled, we laughed, we slept, the key broke off in the back door of the van, we made it to Schipol and British Air delivered us to the UK.

Second visit to Bristol last night and thanks to all of the new & repeat customers. We're headed to The Garage {pronounced like "carriage"} in London at the moment with a stop at Stonehenge for Teer to play Paige amongst the ruins. See you tonight!


September 19, 2010

Thank you Take Root! It was great to return to Groningen to see some faces old and new. Thanks to the festival for trapping us in a place to see such inspiring sets by Dave Rawlings, Damien Jurado, Wilco. . . among others. I do suggest that if you have the means, catch Wilco now, no lie. We're in Amsterdam tonight at the world famous Paradiso, come on out.


September 18, 2010

Snails pace to Belgium. But once the traffic cleared it was great times in a beautiful setting at De Roma. We're headed north at the moment, looking forward to some good tunes tonight in Groningen.


September 16, 2010

Here we are in Holland. Can't believe it's been a year and the CCL Bike is still in action! We're in Belgie tomorrow night and then it's back north to Groningen for the Take Root Festival. Tickets are going quick for these shows so act now or be left to sneak in the back door.


September 14, 2010

In the Air! We're all packed up and ready to stand on the tarmac with the wind in our hair. Hard to believe that this is trip #12 overseas for us. Check out the Tour Page for details and get your tickets. See you soon Belgium, Netherlands, UK and Ireland!


September 12, 2010

NPR's World Cafe: Set your calendars today, CCL will be featured on NPR's World Cafe with David Dye on Tuesday September 28th. Click Here to Listen live online from 2-4pm. Show will also be archived here.

Had a great time in Nashville last night with all of the famous people in the crowd. Thanks to the Americana Music Association for having us. We are still climbing their Radio Chart so be a dear and call your local radio station and request your favorite tune off of Wildwood.


September 10, 2010

Wildwood Lyrics! We've finally got the lyrics up and on the website. Thanks for all of your requests, enjoy. We'll be on stage this Saturday night at The Station Inn for the annual Americana Music Association Conference. Midnight. Now it's off to Hopscotch!



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