Headed up to Wilkesboro for the penultimate festival in CCL Land.  Before there was a CCL, four guys used to hang around an old VW Bus in the campground down by the airfield and pick a few tunes and dream real big.  Times have changed but the dream stays the same.  A little bit may come true this week as we open the festival main stage at 3pm on Thursday, play the shady Walker Center at 2pm Friday, and then host the "Late-Night Jam" at 10pm on Saturday.  What a wonderful world!



Sharing the Tour Spring Break


That was a heck of a time folks.  We covered the East Coast from Maine to Florida, drank a ton of coffee, played 19 shows, laughed at Steve & Marty so hard we almost missed our cue, sang every song we knew, slept everywhere, lay awake everywhere else, saw a ton of smiling faces, said "cheers" a lot, sold every album, hat and poster we brought, made a ton of memories and heard ourselves on the radio.  Time for a break but we'll be back at the end of April opening the main stage at Merlefest!  Hope to see you soon.


Dave, John, Chandler, Greg