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Peace Officer


Slow times at the office but the world is bustling out there.  Dave would like to share this protest song he wrote during the black lives matter protests of early June 2020 that came in the wake of a gruesome scene of senseless police brutality.  Here is the youtube link.  The band is together as one in wishing for the equality and fair treatment of all people on this earth.  We speak up so that hopefully the quiet but supportive voices for change in the world will speak up as well.  Peace.

#1 : Thanks for the Support!


We are humbled by your support and acceptance of Strange Fascination.  Although our least "bluegrass" album to date, it has been the third in a row to reach number one on the Billboard Bluegrass chart and is presently being played by radio stations across the globe.  We've held these songs and this album so close for so long it feels really amazing to finally release it to the world.  We've had such great reviews, encouragement from fellow artists and feedback from friends and fans it really feels like there is sunlight on our shoulders.

If you haven't yet grabbed a copy please head over to the CCL Store and pick one up!


Strange Fascination Release Day!

We are really excited to finally share with you our newest album Strange Fascination.  Born out of the recesses of Dave's mind and realized in the hands of his trusted compatriots at Mitch Easter's studio The Fidelitorium in Kernersville, NC, Strange Fascination represents a brand new chapter in the Chatham County Line story.  We humbly ask you to please seek out a physical copy of the album if possible.  Some great independent record stores are still operating and would love a call or email from you.  The album is also available on all streaming platforms and for digital purchase through the iTunes Store & Bandcamp.  If you'd like to directly support the band and put the most jingle in our pocket, please head over to our CCL Webstore or follow Store link above. Thanks for your support through the decades, we look forward to seeing you from the stage as soon as the fates allow.


Brother of Song – At A Safe Distance

In times of seclusion it is always a great idea to reach out to old friends and rekindle the magic. Here we are joined by our great friend and Norwegian Superstar Jonas Fjeld as well as our recently retired banjologist Chandler Holt. We thought we would dust off the title track from our 2009 album Brother of Song for this edition of At A Safe Distance. Great to see you guys again!


Illegal Smile – At A Safe Distance

Words can’t really express the way we were touched by John Prine’s life and work, and the weight on our hearts to hear of his passing, so we’ll let his words fill the void as they do so well.  Even in humor.  Here is one of Dave’s personal favorites from John's self-titled debut, track #1.  Illegal Smile by John Prine.

Love & Isolation,


The Kids Are Alright – At A Safe Distance

Perhaps a little cabin fever has taken hold here folks, not ashamed to admit. Safely separated by way more than six feet, the boys present "The Kids Are Alright" made famous by The Who all those years ago. Stay safe & well!

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