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Illegal Smile – At A Safe Distance

Words can’t really express the way we were touched by John Prine’s life and work, and the weight on our hearts to hear of his passing, so we’ll let his words fill the void as they do so well.  Even in humor.  Here is one of Dave’s personal favorites from John's self-titled debut, track #1.  Illegal Smile by John Prine.

Love & Isolation,


The Kids Are Alright – At A Safe Distance

Perhaps a little cabin fever has taken hold here folks, not ashamed to admit. Safely separated by way more than six feet, the boys present "The Kids Are Alright" made famous by The Who all those years ago. Stay safe & well!

Hold On – At A Safe Distance

We hope you are all staying safe and well out there in these socially distanced times.  For this week's At A Safe Distance the boys present Hold On by Alabama Shakes.  To be honest we can’t wait to get back together playing music but for now we just gotta. . . well. . .wait.  If you would like to support CCL, please head over to YepRoc Records and pre-order our new album “Strange Fascination” that we have just decided to release THREE WEEKS early on April 24th.


Strange Fascination – Three Weeks Early!

Greetings from a socially distanced bunker in temperate Raleigh, NC. Presently John is playing his fiddle in the shower, Greg is homeschooling his daughter and Dave has re-caned a chair.  Reading in the paper that Lady Gaga has delayed the release of her new album, we here at CCL Inc. have decided on an equal and opposite reaction - therefore we are releasing our newest masterpiece Strange Fascination THREE WEEKS EARLY!  Please click here to pre-order and put a little note on your calendar to start streaming away on April 24th.  Meanwhile you can enjoy the lyric video for the title track by clicking here or viewing below.  All the best and we hope to return to a stage near you as soon as common sense allows.

Touch of Grey – At A Safe Distance

At a safe distance, here’s a tune from the boys to help you through the day. Y’all be good out there, follow the rules and we’ll see you when we do.  If you wish to donate to our cause, feel free to drop a coin in the fountain - Venmo: @chathamcoline / PayPal: : Touch of Grey written by Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter

Stay Well & Listen to Strange Fascination

Howdy Friends,
As you are all most likely well aware, any large gatherings are on-hold at the moment. We are regretfully but dutifully cancelling all performances for the near future. We love playing music for all of you so stay tuned as we will still be releasing songs from the upcoming record as the days go by and hopefully John will keep releasing videos of him playing the fiddle in his shower on instagram. Stay well and in the meantime, here is the second single and title track from our new album "Strange Fascination" featuring our good friend Sharon Van Etten on harmony vocals.

Yours (at a safe distance),

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