Album Release Day!

Today! Really excited to get this baby out into the world.  Special Thanks to everyone who was involved - especially our engineer Chris Boerner, Mike & Chris at Rainmaker Mgmt, Glenn & Billy and our whole team at YepRoc records. We couldn’t have done it without you.



Good Vibes!

Had a great couple of shows with these comedy legends - it’s kind of hard to concentrate while laughing at all the jokes!  We’ll do a few more in a couple of months, but for now it is back to the CCL Sharing The Covers Tour.  See you Monday NYC!


"My Baby's Gone" Bluegrass Today Premiere

Our third and final advance single "My Baby's Gone" - a classic Louvin Brothers tune - from Sharing the Covers premiered today over at Bluegrass TodayCheck it Out!

The new album is only two weeks away and we are excited to get out on the road and play some of these songs for you as well as trot out all the favorites from our own catalog.  See you soon!


I Think I'm In Love

There was a moment in time that Dave heard this Beck song everywhere he went, just by chance.  Bars, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Restaurants, another Bar. . . . he decided to give it a shot and here we have the result.  It will be on Sharing The Covers.   Here is a link to check it out!



Sharing the Covers Tour

Pleased to announce a pile of shows [click here for a larger poster!] in support of Sharing the Covers.  We'll be burning up the East Coast come Springtime so do what you can to come see us!  Also really excited to announce that we will be special guests at several of Steve Martin & Martin Short's "Now You See Them, Soon You Won't" Tour stops throughout 2019.   Yes John is working on his comedy stylings as we speak.  See you soon!


Sharing The Covers out March 8th on Yep Roc Records!

Really excited to share with you that our album of covers Sharing the Covers will be released March 8th on Yep Roc Records!  We spent 3 days of 2018 at Overdub Lane in Durham finally recording some of the cover songs that have dotted our setlists through the years.  The result is an album of 13 tracks that give you quite a glimpse at the inspiration behind what we do and why we sound the way we do.  Our video for Wilco's "I Got You (At The End Of The Century)" just premiered over at The Bluegrass Situation and you can see it here.  Special thanks to Preservation NC for providing us with a great historic [For Sale!] location for the video.  A lot of great news on the horizon and we're looking forward to sharing 2019 with all of you.


Dave, John, Chandler, Greg

Happy Holidays and Many Thanks!

Howdy Folks,

We had a blast on the Electric Holiday Tour this year and it is hard to believe it is now behind us.  Pretty soon the old year will be behind us as well.  So here is a message of well wishes from us, a thanks for making 2018 full of so many highs and many hopes for continued good feelings into 2019.  Love to all and to all a good night!

Dave, John, Chandler, Greg

Electric Holiday Tour in a Week!

Super Excited for this year's edition of the EHT.  We've got some serious FM irons in the fire and hope to get those toes tapping out there.  As always, the show will start with a full CCL acoustic set [so get there on time!] transitioning into a rock'n'roll set after a short intermission.  Feel free to bring the spirit.  Cheers!


Oxford American North Carolina Singing Circle

You can catch Dave, John, & Greg on Monday in Raleigh as they join a star-studded singing circle to celebrate North Carolina in song.  The Raleigh boys are looking forward to singing with some amazing fellow North Carolina artists as well as returning to Fletcher Opera Theater where they shot "Sight & Sound" all those years ago.  Good Times!

Home to a Superstar Visit

Well we made it home in one piece from the Tour and look who was left on our doorstep in a little basket with a note:  The Norsk Legend Jonas Fjeld!  Jonas is in town promoting his new line of male grooming products "Cold-One Heaven."  Here he is at The Players Retreat looking like his same old self.  But seriously, he's a hell of a singer and a mighty fine guitar player and if he could only find a beautiful lady to sing with him. . . hopefully we will have more to add to this story in 2019.  Skôal!