Really excited to share with you that our album of covers Sharing the Covers will be released March 8th on Yep Roc Records!  We spent 3 days of 2018 at Overdub Lane in Durham finally recording some of the cover songs that have dotted our setlists through the years.  The result is an album of 13 tracks that give you quite a glimpse at the inspiration behind what we do and why we sound the way we do.  Our video for Wilco’s “I Got You (At The End Of The Century)” just premiered over at The Bluegrass Situation and you can see it here.  Special thanks to Preservation NC for providing us with a great historic [For Sale!] location for the video.  A lot of great news on the horizon and we’re looking forward to sharing 2019 with all of you.


Dave, John, Chandler, Greg