Hard to believe that we are at the end of the second decade of CCL.  These past 10 years have been an amazing ride for all the boys.  We released Wildwood, Tightrope & Autumn from the studio as well as the live album and film Sight & Sound – ending the decade with an album of some of our favorite tunes by other artists Sharing the Covers.  We also had several album length collaborations in that time, Western Harmonies with Jonas Fjeld in 2013 and Winter Stories in 2019 with Jonas and Judy Collins.  We played somewhere around 1,000 shows in the decade all over the U.S. and Overseas to over half a million people, traveling a quarter of a million miles to do so.  That takes a heck of a lot of Coffee, Guitar strings and Dry Cleaning to do.  We want to say the humblest  thanks to you reading this, our fans, for making all of those miles worth it and continuing to support CCL as we forge ahead into this amazing new decade ahead.  2020 will see us releasing a brand new studio album as well as many other adventures for sure.  Love to all.